Public Meeting 17/04/13: Minutes

Minutes of the Harcourt Progress Group

Date: Wednesday  17th April, 2013 Harcourt Valley Primary School
Present:  Annette Smith (minutes) Judy Foster, Ian Foster, Kay Francis, Judy Kent, Ayron Teed, David Heath (chair), Donna McLoughlin, Kelly Aitken, JP Frappier, Vera Hemkes, Craig Watkins
Apologies: Tyrone Rice , Melva Graham
Business Action/ Who When
Business Arising
None arising
General Business
·         Community Plan
·         NBN – Craig reported back on his meeting today with a Liberal Party advisor – not necessarily an election issue.  Need an awareness of the issue.  The group can do very little.
·         Group formed to look at submission to council to purchase the house in the main street. Annette, Kelly and ?
Meeting finished at  9pm
Next meeting :  Wednesday 15th May, 2013 – 7-9pm at HVPS

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