Public Meeting 15/05/13: Minutes

Minutes of the Harcourt Progress Group

Date: Wednesday  15th May  2013 Harcourt Valley Primary School
Present:  JP Frappier, Kelly Aitken, Donna McMahon, David Heath (Chair), Vera Hemkes, Jarrod Coote , Craig Watkins, Peter Church, Max Murphy, Kay Francis, Judy Kent, Paul O’Keeffe, Annette Smith
Welcome:  Chris Walters –community planner, Zac ? – Healthy community activities, Greg Bickley – Liberal candidate
Business Action/ Who When
Business Arising
Craig Watkins update on the NBN – attended last night’s council meeting, tower is going someone’s property.  Most likely will go to VCAT.  Other towers will go ahead and be up by September.  Craig spoke with Paul Fletcher who is working with Malcolm Turnbull on Coalition policy. Craig explained the details that the service will not cope with the requirements of the district.
House in main street – would  be very suitable – what would we use it for?  Rural Transaction Centre in Newstead , a good model, Kelly talked about the model from Talbot.  Need to do a feasibility study first.  Source grants from other government department is a possibility. Revisit this issue towards the end of the year after we have done the community plan.
General Business
·         Introduction of community planner and Healthy Communities officer, detailed activities available in Castlemaine
Meeting finished at  9pm
Next meeting :  Wednesday 19th June, 2013 – 7-9pm at HVPS

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