Public Meeting 19/06/13: Minutes

Harcourt Progress Group Meeting

19th June 2013-06-26

Apologies: Ayron Teed, Judy Kent, Craig Watkins, Annette Smith

Present: Kelly, Jacque, Sharlene, Donna, Judy, Trish and Millie

Sharlene presented summary and timeline for the Community Plan process

Discussion on uniting HPG and reference group

Sharlene to have discussion with Wayne O’Toole from Council regarding Reference Group Plans.

Donna to contact community groups and get them to fill out feedback form. Sharlene to assist.

Discussion of preamble. Decided to review as group and forward to Historical Group for comment and improvement.

Kelly reported on her work contacting authors of past Harcourt publications and reported on Peter Church’s interest in  Men’s Shed Grants

Next Meeting: 17th July 2013

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