Minutes of the Harcourt Progress Association Inc
General Public Meeting at Goldfields Track Café, Harcourt
Wednesday 17th May, 2017


Robyn Miller: Welcome and overview of the evening’s meeting

Introduction to Carolyn Wallace, Chair & Ian Fisher, CEO of Castlemaine Health

Many thanks to Carolyn & Ian for taking the time to meet with Harcourt residents.


Present: Kay Francis, Helen Grainger, Graham Francis, Paul Mizzi, Joan Lienhop, David Ling, Andrew Mierisch, Karen Mierisch, Robyn Miller, Sha Cordingley, Jacqueline Brodie-Hanns (minutes)

Apologies: Jill Loorham, Sue Albert

Minutes from last meeting: Minutes from last meeting in February were tabled.

Motion to accept the February minutes as a true and accurate account. Moved: Kay; seconded: Sha; all in favour, motion carried.


Incoming: MASC Response to Pedestrian crossing petition
Email from Harcourt Pony Club regarding Applefest

Outgoing: MASC Budget Submission

Financial report: tabled showing a balance of $4,808.34 in the main HPA account, and balance of $5,178.02 in the Core account, adjusted for grants and withholdings.

Motion to accept the Financial Report a true and accurate account. Moved: Sha; seconded Andrew; all in favour, motion carried.

Membership: New memberships received from Andrew Mierisch and Karen Mieirsch

Motion to accept the membership applications of Andrew Mierisch and Karen Mierisch to join the HPA. Moved: Jacqueline; seconded David; all in favour, motion carried.

Financial memberships fall due on 1st July. Sha will issue reminder notices for membership renewal and encourage new members. David Ling has offered to develop an online membership form.

Matters arising from last meeting:

• Pedestrian crossing petition: We have been advised that the petition was well received by Councillors who have agreed to

“…work with the Harcourt community and the Harcourt Progress Association to upgrade the existing crossing near the General Store to the required standard and to consolidate pedestrian crossings on Harmony Way, Harcourt.”

ACTION: Robyn, Sha, Jacqueline to meet with Marcus Goonan, Team Leader Engineering

• Town beautification working group: ACTION: Sha to convene a meeting with Paula, Kay and other interested people. Need to have clear Terms of Reference and an understanding of what the group is focused on: final implementation of Landscape Master Plan, town entrances, finalization of medium strips (eg paving) etc

• Irrigation project and Community playground: Jacqueline working to repurpose the DIRD grant from the stalled irrigation project to be used to progress the community playground, specifically to get the design under way. She has met with MASC CEO who is supportive. Now need to get approval from funder and find appropriate company to undertake design work. Consequence of repurposing is that the grant is $1 for $1 which means we need to match the $9,000 provided. Previously this was in-part being met by $3,800 from Coliban Water. We either get the playground designer to provide some work pro-bono, or we need to match the entire $9,000.

Public meeting on Wednesday 19th July to progress community playground proposal. Invite representatives from other community playgrounds to speak to the group.

• Community catering kit: Only 1 of the 3 grants has been spent. Trailer not yet purchased. Jacqueline has suggested assessing storage capacity of the Railway Station before allocating all funds to a storage trailer. If storage at the Railway Station precinct allows and is secure, a smaller trailer for the purpose of transport might be better option.

• Applefest: proposal to hold a public meeting on Wednesday 16th August to conduct a launch & recruitment for next year’s event. ACTION: Robyn to send request to HVHTC.

• Easter Egg Hunt: was another great event, well attended and supported by community partner Harcourt Heritage Centre. Financial report submitted showing small profit.

General business

• Update on Train station: Jacqueline, Paul Northam and Mek Yimam met with Council’s CEO and Manager Community Spaces. Very encouraging and supportive of proposal and able to give in principle support to acting as head leasee. Have agreed to assist with facilitating a working group to meet in June. Application to VicTrack remains a work in progress but should be submitted prior to this meeting.

• Mountain Bike Park update: tender awarded to Dirt Art. DELWP have moved trails away from private property and from indigenous areas. Skills based committee of management to be recruited. Jacqueline stressed the need for HPA to engage around proposed events, including any launch celebration and proposed future races or events, to maximize opportunities for Harcourt community and community groups to be involved and to benefit. MASC are proposing an economic forum – ACTION Jacqueline to contact Eva and David to ensure the meeting is held in conjunction with HPA

• Harcourt Swimming Pool – Very high attendance rates, overall the past season was considered a great success. HPA have invited YMCA to host a public planning meeting in October

Meeting closed 8:50pm

Next meeting: 19th July, 2017

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