Harcourt Progress Association
Public Meeting at Harcourt Valley Primary School
Wednesday 18 October 2017.
1. Attendance
Robyn Miller (Chair), Andrew Blake, Adam Marks, Jodi Pillager, Annette Rae, George Milford, Andrew Mierisch, Neil Charter, Diane Baig, Keven West, Tracy West, Jane Marks, Wendy Chaplin, David Ling, Sha Cordingley
2. Apologies
Jacqueline Brodie-Hanns, Lois Denholm
3. Welcome
Robyn Miller, Chair of HPA, opened meeting at 7:05 pm and welcomed all present.
4. Harcourt Pool
Guest speaker, Jane Robson, CEO YMCA Bendigo Region, spoke about plans for the Harcourt Pool for the upcoming season. Of particular note:
 The YMCA is in its final year of a six year contract with Mount Alexander Shire Council.
 Pool management will be put out to tender mid-2018.
 The YMCA want to make sure what they have planned for the 2017/18 season is in line with community wishes.
 Several more events are planned for the season including a start to season event and a mid and end-of-season event.
 Discussion around possible events ensued. A number of residents thought that teenagers should be specifically targeted with maybe such events as ‘pool parties’ with music favoured.
 The issue of water temperature was mentioned with the suggestion of acquiring a pool blanket/ low level solar system to heat the water. The pool does not open if the temperature is below 21 degrees.
 A number of young people have trained as lifeguards with the specific purpose of always having two lifeguards on duty during opening hours. The pool also has its own defibrillator on site.
 Primary school will continue to use the pool for water safety activities throughout the season.
 All information about activities planned by YMCA for next year’s season will be available by the end of November.
Jane concluded her presentation by inviting people to attend the public MASC/YMCA meetings where such issues as infrastructure are discussed.
5. Harcourt entry/roundabout
Flynn Hart and Haiku van Keuk of Pollen Landscape Architecture presented two plans (Stage1 and a master plan) and several concept designs to the meeting.
Stage 1 was estimated to cost in the region of $50,000 would be mainly covered by the $50,000 grant from VicRoads whereas the estimated cost of the master plan is $200,000 and relies heavily on community in-kind support and resources. Stage 1 will remain largely grassed with four areas of visually interest to be developed as a preliminary to a master plan which is largely gravelled and low maintenance with a central area of seed stones.
Both plans were endorsed by the meeting and several offers of support came from community members to work towards realising the master plan. Of note:
 Andrew Mierisch will provide earth moving equipment belonging to VMR and driver/s to undertake earthworks
 Neil Charters and Andrew Mierisch to contact Brian Nunn who has already provided granite from the Ravenswood Interchange excavations for the wetlands in Victoria Road.
 It was suggested that a call for assistance should go out to other community groups and that an Adopt a Highway – roundabout blitz should be organised.
 The possibility/issues of closing the road to ensure community safety should be discussed with MASC and VicRoads.
 It was also agreed that the project should elicit full support from local Council member, Tony Cordy.
 The overall design is to be completed by Pollen by Christmas.
Issues of concern:
 Bollards (frangible) will meet safety requirements
 Maintenance will need to be agreed upon if stage one is the agreed design as grass height has been a significant community safety concern for many years
 Lighting will remain in place
 Car parking will be prevented, some community members expressed concern that they will not be able to park on the roundabout safety shoulder. Alternatives were suggested.
6. Memberships
Those in attendance were invited to renew or join the HPA. Some paid memberships were receipted.
7. Updates and Reports
• Pedestrian Crossing and new bus shelter/Town Beautification Working Group – The pedestrian crossing and the paving under the trees in the centre of town will be rolled together into a budget bid for 2018-19 by the relevant council officers. This is because each affects each other.
• Railway Station Renovation – the application has been submitted. At the moment we are sourcing Public Liability quotes.
• Communications Sub-Committee – The Core subcommittee resolved to increase advertising rates for next year. Currently 450 published in hard copy. We have recently been joined by Bernie Schultz (ex Harcourt Post Office who is now doing the layout for The Core)
• Community Catering Kit: Trailer Purchase. The trailer has been ordered and will have a cover. Storage of the trailer and the items in the kit is an issue.
• Mountain Bike Park: George reported on the most recent meeting. Calls have gone out for the Management Committee for the onward management of the park once it is open – it is a skills based committee. Naming of the park and trails is focussing on the use of indigenous words. These are prior approved by the Dja Dja Wurrung Corporation. Work on the tracks is proceeding well.
• Twilight on the Green – 24th November, 6 – 11pm. While Tour de Bress is not running this year, HPA intends to hold a community celebration in James Park with music and food. The Lions will be screening a family movie at sunset.
Other Matters: NIL

Next Meeting: AGM on Thursday 7th December

Meeting closed at: 9.00 pm

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